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Useful tips

Recommandations how to chose a puppy

1. Where to purchase a shepherd puppy from?

First of all, you should purchase the puppy from a breeder who is a member of the Romanian Dogs Association and who has got good results during expositions.

Before choosing a puppy, you should study the standard of the breed and get further information in order to find out what a shepherd dog should look like.

It is also useful to observe the parents of the puppy.

In order for the puppy to have pedigree papers, its parents must get during expositions the required qualificative and the right of reproduction.

2. When to purchase a shepherd puppy?

The best age for purchasing a puppy is between 7-12 weeks. At the same time with the dog, you should get the health book where the executed vaccinations and desinfestation are registered.

3. What should a shepherd puppy look like?

You should choose the puppy according to the features of the breed and taking into consideration the following:

-the general appearance of the puppy
-the colour and texture of hair
-the form of head and muzzle
-the size and position of ears
-the colour and position of eyes
-the bite in scissors
-the size of lips ,self-confidence and position of tail

Details can be found at section THE STANDARD EXPLANATIONS of this site.

4. Mail or female?

For those who want to purchase their first dog,it is advisable to purchase a female.

They are more docile, more obedient and more playful than the mails. Once you have chosen the Carpathian shepherd dog, you will discover what a wonderful character it has. It is greatly clever and balanced, a watch dog and a friend for the whole family.

You will fall in love with this dog and the next dog you will choose, will be a Carpathian shepherd dog too.


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