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Carpathian Shepherd Dog Kennel Only the shepherd has known its kindness and felt its devotion, courage and joyfulness... About Us Puppies spatiu

The dog breeding kennel called Din Stana Vlahului arose due the passion for the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dogs.
If we chose to mention the most thorough and the most genuine description of the breed Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog, and at the same time the most moving one, we should speak about the one dr. G.Moldoveanu made in 1937, in the magazine Carpatii(no. 6):

"It is bigger, stronger and, at the same time, by its own nature, closer to the wolf. Its look and attitude, which in moments of anger have something of a beast, can be explained through its way of life, far from people and in constant fight with the beasts willing to plunder. Only the shepherd has known its kindness and felt its devotion, courage and joyfulness. The still watchdog and the tireless guardian of the herd, all it wanted was the opportunity to show its gratitude to the person with whom it shared its piece of corn mush. Between the master and the "servant" appeared a fondness that only beings who live together can feel, only beings who share happiness and sadness, who wander the same regions and feel the danger together. For a word of kindness it knows how to express its love but also, turned into a beast, it can throw itself, in rage, on the enemy, who often knows its boldness and many times stays away from its hostility.. "


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Born 31.07.2013 - Lotru ot Aral Dream (RjCH, RCH, EuCH - European Champion) and Sanziana a lu'Voarea (RPJ, CAC, R++).

F.C.I 350

lotru pui ciobanesc carpatinWe hope that your "meeting" with The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog, by means of these pages, to be an extremely pleasant one, and this genuine Romanian breed to be your first choice.


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